SIA “HIDROLATS” warranty conditions

1. SIA "HIDROLATS" provides warranty for all hydraulic cylinders manufactured. The warranty period is valid for 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of sale or delivery of the product to the customer.

2. Within the warranty period SIA "HIDROLATS" undertakes to repair products sold to customers, if the damage to the product was caused during manufacture or due to defects in the materials used during manufacture.

3. SIA "HIDROLATS" provides the warranty at the address: Brīvības iela 103, Liepāja, LV-3401, Latvia, based on the customer's written request, in which the customer has described the defects and conditions of use of the product, and enclosed the documents, confirming the purchase of the product from SIA "HIDROLATS".

4. In case of warranty application, SIA "HIDROLATS" undertakes to execute the warranty within a reasonable time by coordinating it with the customer and taking into account peculiarities of the defect of the respective product.

5. SIA "HIDROLATS" products are not subject to warranty in cases where:

The product is not used as intended;

The product is not used in accordance with its technical specifications;

The product is installed by non-certified personnel;

The customer is unable to provide documentation proving the purchase of the product;

The product has been repaired or subjected to damage prevention by parties other than SIA "HIDROLATS";

It is not possible to identify technical information about the product in view of the information provided by the customer or due to the damage to the product;

Product defects have occurred as a result of natural disasters, fire or other similar events;

Product defects are the result of natural wear and tear of the product;

Products were stored in violation of storage conditions (clause 6).

6. Hydraulic cylinders must be stored in closed or otherwise enclosed spaces with natural ventilation, without artificially controlled climatic conditions, where temperature and humidity fluctuations are significantly lower than outdoors. Hydraulic cylinders installed on machines must be stored in accordance with the operating instructions for the relevant machine. When storing hydraulic cylinders separately from the machine, threaded oil feed holes must be tightly closed and hydraulic cylinder rods must be retracted. Warranty period of operation is 24 months, provided that the user puts the hydraulic cylinder into operation not later than 6 months from the date of receipt, and provided that the user observes the conditions of operation, transportation, and storage.

7. If a dispute arises in the course of damage evaluation and a certified expert's opinion is required, the costs of services of such an expert shall be covered by the party who invited the expert.

8. If during the damage evaluation SIA "HIDROLATS" concludes that the cost of product repair will exceed the cost of the product, or if it is impossible to eliminate the defect found in the product, SIA "HIDROLATS" will provide the buyer with a new and equivalent product at its own expense.

9. SIA "HIDROLATS" does not undertake to reimburse expenses of the consumer related to fulfillment of the warranty. The warranty also does not provide for reimbursement by SIA "HIDROLATS" to the consumer for any losses incurred or material claims.